Yasujiro Ozu, notebooks 1933-1963 - Book
Yasujiro Ozu, notebooks 1933-1963 - Book
Yasujiro Ozu, notebooks 1933-1963 - Book
Yasujiro Ozu, notebooks 1933-1963 - Book

Yasujiro Ozu, notebooks 1933-1963 - Book

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All of Yasujiro Ozu's diaries for the first time brought together in an exceptional work. An invaluable account of one of the greatest filmmakers!

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Yasujiro Ozu
Notebooks 1933-1963
translation by Josiane Pinon-Kawatake

Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963) is one of the greatest filmmakers in the world. His work is unique and touches, as some say, on "beyond" cinema. How did this man come to create such a powerful cinematographic work with such universal reach?

The answer may be in the daily diary he kept all his life, where, between laconic notations, poetic inspiration, expression of his emotions and most often sarcastic thoughts, a being of flesh and blood is revealed. a rare sensitivity and intelligence.

In these Notebooks parade the recklessness of youth and the fascination for the "sophisticated" American comedies of the 1930s, the experience of war and its horrors (1938-1939) then finally, the maturity and the accomplishment of an exceptional work (50s-60s), before death comes (1963).

Ozu never allowed himself to be locked into any convention (he never married...!), contrary to what his post-war films sometimes suggest, the theme of which, between marriage and bereavement, is Japanese family and its rites. No form of social or cinematographic conventions got the better of him. Ozu has always wanted to be free. A hedonistic and libertarian free thinker obsessed with one thing: his art, his work as a filmmaker. Indeed, it is through his filming (which many books around the world have brilliantly analyzed) that he reveals himself to be neither Japanese nor Western, but quite simply… OZUIEN!

It is in an integral translation, revised and enlarged compared to the version published in 1996, that the "Ozuian" thought is offered to the reader today. The magnificent preface, written at the time by filmmaker Alain Corneau, has been preserved.

Yes, Ozu vibrates here with all his being!

Released November 10, 2020

14.6cm x 20.46cm | 1,262 pages |
ISBN: 979-10-93798-09-7

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The book YASUJIRO OZU, CARNETS 1933-1963 is the complete diaries of Yasujiro Ozu gathered for the first time in a unique book. A priceless story from one of the greatest filmmakers!

(In French only)

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「全日記小津安二郎 1933-63年」

世界 に 誇る 監督 小津安二郎 の 日記 30 年分 すべて を 網羅 し 書物 書物。 小津 監督 の 素顔 その 人格 と が 散りばめ 散りばめ られ 、 ファン ファン に 取っ て 必須 の の 宝物 よう よう な 一 冊 です。 日本 語 語 語 語オリジナル版を修正した改訂版。フランス語。