About Us

Carlotta Films is a French film distribution company founded in 1998 by Vincent Paul-Boncour and Jean-Pierre Gardelli.

Carlotta Films, a theatrical film distribution and DVD publishing company, was created in 1998 with the aim of promoting so-called heritage cinema. The objective was, and remains, to release old films in new and restored copies so that the public can (re)discover them in the best conditions, while creating a new visual identity for each film (poster, announcement…).

In order to deepen its work, Carlotta Films set up a DVD publishing center in 2002 with the aim of offering unreleased films on DVD (and, since 2008, also on Blu-ray) in high quality editions in terms of bonuses and packaging.

In April 2010, Carlotta Films inaugurated its information and video on demand site, to extend its editorial policy with the most recent means of dissemination.

Gradually, Carlotta Films developed its catalog of films in which the major constituents of the company's identity stand out: American, Japanese, Italian cinemas and young audiences. From Billy Wilder to Pasolini, from Ozu to Fassbinder and Carlos Saura, passing through treasures of silent cinema, the richness and originality of its catalog have largely contributed to making Carlotta Films a benchmark in its field.