The Premium Club

The Premium Club

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* Club Premium Membership Terms of Service

One-year renewable subscription.

Premium Club benefits are activated after subscription purchase.

To manage your Club Premium subscription, you must create an account on

If you don't have an account yet, create one and use the same email address to purchase your Club Premium membership.

If you already have an account, use the same email address to create your Club Premium subscription. You will find your subscription information directly in your existing account.

Free delivery from 22.50 € of purchase for a shipment to metropolitan France or Belgium. To benefit from free delivery, apply the discount code "shipping" to your basket.

10% discount permanently valid on all products sold on, with the exception of books and pre-order products with discount.

Discount cannot be combined with another discount code (if a discount code is more advantageous, it will be applied to your basket instead of the automatic 10% discount).

Gifts offered on a selection of orders during your subscription, according to our news.

Exclusive offers, previews and invitations offered several times a year (Club Premium members are informed directly by e-mail).

The annual subscription to the Video Club Carlotta Films is accessible on the following site:
Club Premium members receive an email to activate their subscription and create an account for this platform.