A history of Cinema de quartier - Book
A history of Cinema de quartier - Book
A history of Cinema de quartier - Book

A history of Cinema de quartier - Book

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A book by Sylvain Perret
Foreword by Bertrand Mandico
Co-published by Carlotta Films and BadLands
14.8 cm x 21 cm | 270 pages
ISBN : 979-10-93798-20-2

For the first time, the story of 17 years of Cinéma de Quartier and Quartier interdit by those who made it. Discover also the complete list of films programmed and broadcast on the show, the memories of Jean-Pierre Dionnet and his collaborators and many previously unpublished additions.

"You'll see..."

Starting in September 1990, Jean-Pierre Dionnet opened his Cinéma de Quartier program on Canal Plus with these words. It quickly became a must-see for lovers of exploitation cinema, who were all too happy to discover or rediscover peplums with their plastic rocks, English horror tinged with vampires, mummies and werewolves, seductive spies with the bon mots of stationery novels, baroque transalpine westerns and so much more.

Over the years, this version of Cinéma de Minuit, revised and corrected by the Canal spirit, has nurtured a counter-history of cinema, the first step in the rehabilitation of a cinema that was then poorly regarded.

Through the memories of its collaborators and numerous documents, Une histoire de Cinéma de quartier tells the story behind the scenes of this still mythical program, the object of so many fantasies and legends, from the origins of its creation to its demise in December 2007. The book also includes a complete list of films programmed, guest appearances and a previously unpublished foreword by Bertrand Mandico.

Publication date: June 8, 2023