A Cinema of Questions, Conversations with Abbas Kiarostami - Book

A Cinema of Questions, Conversations with Abbas Kiarostami - Book

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A precious lesson in cinema with Abbas Kiarostami

A cinema of questions
Conversations with Abbas Kiarostami
by Godfrey Cheshire
Translation by Cyril Béghin
13.5cm x 19cm | 176 pages with pictures

A cinema of questions, Conversations with Abbas Kiarostami brings together for the first time a series of interviews with Abbas Kiarostami conducted by film critic Godfrey Cheshire in the 1990s. These interviews cover most of the films made by the Iranian filmmaker in the early of his career, rarely shown until their recent restoration, as well as on the masterpieces that made him world famous, from Koker's trilogy ( Where is my friend's house?, And the life goes on , Through the olive trees ) and Close-Up until the Taste of the cherry and The Wind will carry us away .

This book returns, film after film, to the work of this immense director who irrigates world cinema with the power of his staging and his poetic framing, all embellished with photos, to ultimately be a cinema lesson apart. whole!

Foreword by Ahmad Kiarostami - Coordinated by Jim Colvill - Translated from English by Cyril Béghin

The author
Godfrey Cheshire lives in New York. A filmmaker and critic, his texts on Iranian cinema have appeared in various publications, including The New York Times , Variety , Film Comment , Sight & Sound , Cineaste , The Village Voice and Dissent .


Release May 6, 2021