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All the Others Are Called Ali by RW Fassbinder - DVD

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In a café frequented by immigrant workers, Emmi, a widow in her sixties, meets Ali, a Moroccan younger than her. Ali moves in with her the next day, then they get married. Emmi's children, her neighbors, her colleagues, all are scandalized by this union. The couple is sidelined, but will quickly prove to be indispensable to the community...

In love with the work of Douglas Sirk, Fassbinder does his All That Heaven Allows . But he adds an unexpected element to the transgenerational love story, by making the man a Moroccan immigrant. There follows a chronicle of ordinary racism, which puts the finger on the small-mindedness and the taste for gossip of contemporary Germany.

(1973 – Colors – 93 mins)


(1969 – B&W – 85 mn)
a film by RW Fassbinder with Hanna Schygulla and Lilith Ungerer


Released September 19, 2012

Also available on Blu-ray in the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Vol.1 box set