Monte là-dessus - DVD - Carlotta Films - La Boutique
Monte là-dessus - DVD - Carlotta Films - La Boutique
Monte là-dessus - DVD - Carlotta Films - La Boutique
Monte là-dessus - DVD - Carlotta Films - La Boutique

Step On It - DVD

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A young man decides to leave his hometown, where his fiancée is waiting for him, to make his fortune in Los Angeles. But his hopes are quickly dashed, because the only job he finds is that of a modest salesman in a department store. Despite everything, he continues to lie to his family, making them believe that he holds a position of high responsibility. One day, he decides to play the last chance card by proposing to his boss to mount a big publicity stunt: the climbing of the facade of the store by one of his friends, a specialist in climbing skyscrapers. But a combination of circumstances will lead him to climb the building himself...

A true icon of American burlesque, Harold Lloyd has played in more than two hundred comedies over a period of thirty-four years: Get on it, with his anthology sequence where the actor climbs a building and finds himself hanging from a clock giantess, remains unanimously considered his masterpiece. This scene is not only a marvel of humor but also a tour de force in terms of script: to the physical action are added a constantly revived suspense and always new gags. But Get on it is also a testimony to the urbanization and modernization of America before the crisis of 1929, between the rise of the middle class and the development of the consumer society. A cult and legendary film that has influenced several generations of filmmakers and actors, Get on it is to be discovered for the first time in a sumptuous version restored in 2K digital, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of its release!

(1923 – B&W – 67 mins)
new 2K restoration


( Never Weaken – 1921 – B&W – 29 mins)

Released November 19, 2014

Also available in the Harold Lloyd DVD set