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Macbeth Othello - Livre - CARLOTTA FILMS - La Boutique

Macbeth Othello - Book

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A Completely Renewed Take on Two Major Shakespearean Dramas

Two plays by William Shakespeare directed by Orson Welles
New translation by Patrick Reumaux
Preface by Antoine de Baecque

The Carlotta Films editions publish in a single book richly illustrated with images of the director and prefaced by Antoine de Baecque, two new translations of the famous plays of the work of William Shakespeare.

Throughout the pages, the director's images, veritable photographic tableaux, illuminate the text with such a singular echo that the reading is animated by the director's intentions, to the point of ending up no longer distinguishing Shakespeare from Welles. The ensemble composes an entirely renewed version of these two dramas. Orson Welles' view of Shakespeare's text is indeed that of a brother. It reveals an unknown part of the filmmaker and the writer.

The author
It is on the occasion of the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare that Patrick Reumaux, writer, poet (Max Jacob Prize), translator of American poets and writers such as Edgard Lee Masters, Emily Dickinson, John Updike, John Steinbeck, and famous writers, English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish, DH Lawrence, the Powys brothers, Dylan Thomas, Flann O'Brien, RL Stevenson, etc., worked to translate Macbeth and Othello , to accompany the revival of images of Orson Welles. A Shakespearian story in a way. For there is no reason to want to translate such famous plays again, just as there is no reason not to try again when your work on Shakespeare's language leads you to discover that he is always possible to make the original text speak differently and, thereby, to rediscover an immortal author for literature.

The translation was conducted by Patrick Reumaux from the text of the New Shakespeare published by the Presses Universitaires de Cambridge under the direction of Dover Wilson as given in the bilingual edition published in France under the direction of Pierre Leyris and Henry Evans.

21x26cm | 352 pages

Released November 6, 2014