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The Disaster Artist - Livre - Carlotta Films - La Boutique

The Disaster Artist - Book

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By Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

An incredible adventure told by actor Greg Sestero or how an extraordinary character, Tommy Wiseau, will direct the worst film in the history of cinema… and the most cult!

When 19-year-old Greg Sestero meets a certain Tommy Wiseau at an acting school in San Francisco, he is immediately fascinated by the delirious improvisations of this unlikely character. A face-to-face on stage will change both of their lives. Together, they make a decision: to leave for Hollywood, and to become stars! A path strewn with pitfalls, which begins with calamitous attempts, and a spiral of refusal. Tommy Wiseau decides to take their destiny into their own hands and embarks on the production of a 100% self-financed film. The title: The Room . The script: incomprehensible. The actors: him and his friend Greg. The shooting: chaotic. Despite the incomprehension of a team from which he regularly fires each recalcitrant member, Tommy Wiseau is persuaded to achieve his masterpiece. So much so that once the film is finished, it offers itself a giant advertisement on Sunset Boulevard and a dream preview. The result ? A resounding flop, and barely two weeks on the bill.

All the elements are in place. The cult will be able to start...

A true-to-life story, The Disaster Artist is as much a hilarious comedy as it is a stunning account of a man, Tommy Wiseau, who defied all the conventions of the film industry to achieve what Entertainment Weekly magazine would call " Citizen Kane of bad movies." ! And who, despite poor acting skills, became the star he had always dreamed of being.

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