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Satan's Roast by RW Fassbinder - DVD

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An indebted poet who experienced short-lived recognition at the end of the 1960s, Walter Kranz lives with an irascible wife and an idiot brother. Obsessed with the blank page, he takes himself by narcissism for Stefan George, a Symbolist poet, and applies himself durably to imitate him...

Satan's Roast is arguably the most cynical, funniest, and sassy of Fassbinder's films. Around a man dreaming of poetry and above all of recognition, the German filmmaker constructs a black comedy about the artist facing the cult of individualism. By playing with Stefan George, a homosexual poet of the 19th century, Fassbinder reveals an incredible sense of self-mockery.

(1976 – Colors – 106 mins)


. RIO DAS MORTES (1971 – Colors – 84 mins)
a film by RW Fassbinder with Hanna Schygulla and Michael König


Released September 19, 2012