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Dictionary of Japanese cinema in 101 filmmakers - Book

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Under the direction of Pascal-Alex Vincent

Dictionary in 101 Japanese filmmakers
This generous dictionary accessible to all, novices and film buffs alike, retraces the path of the directors and films at the origin of the golden age of Japanese cinema (1935-1975): 101 destinies and 101 stories of filmmakers who contributed to make Japanese cinema one of the leading cinemas in the world.


With contributions from Fabrice Arduini, Diane Arnaud, Catherine Cadou, Mathieu Capel, Simon Daniellou, Robin Gatto, Olivier Hadouchi, Yannick Kernec'h, Futoshi Koga, Osamu Kuroi, Claude Leblanc, Olivier Malosse, Eléonore Mahmoudian, Antoine de Mena, Stéphane du Mesnildot, Teruyo Nogami, Eithne O'Neill, Marie Pruvost-Deslapre, Clément Rauger, Julien Sévéon, Pascal-Alex Vincent, Junko Watanabe.

Did you know that Akira Kurosawa was unaware that his film Rashômon had been presented at the Venice Film Festival, where it had just won the Golden Lion? That his favorite actor, the star Toshiro Mifune, was the director of a single film? That, in the 1930s, Mashiro Makino sometimes shot two films at the same time using banned substances? That Kon Ichikawa called on Michel Legrand to compose the music for one of his blockbusters? And that the master of erotic cinema of the 1970s, Chusei Sone, suddenly disappeared to reappear, years later, as a specialist in aquaculture?

Coordinated by Pascal-Alex Vincent, who worked for 12 years republishing great classics in theaters, and written by a young team of critics and researchers from Paris and Tokyo, The Dictionary of Japanese Filmmakers presents 101 essential filmmakers. Each notice highlights the career of the filmmaker, his masterpieces, always with the same ambition, to help and encourage the reader to discover this exceptional cinema.

Japanese cinema has never seemed so close to us.

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242 pages