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Chronicle of a love - DVD

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A wealthy industrialist hires a private detective to investigate his wife's past. Going to Ferrara, the city where Paola lived and studied, the man learns that seven years ago, the young woman fell in love with Guido, a modest car salesman whose fiancée committed suicide...

For his first feature film, Michelangelo Antonioni paints with sensitivity a portrait of a fragile and contradictory woman, magnificently embodied by the debuting actress Lucia Bosé. Reflecting a world composed essentially of points of shadow and fog, the aesthetics of the director of Blow-Up reveals the hidden meaning of things, things left unsaid and metaphors. With this work, which skilfully mixes film noir and chronicles of mores, Antonioni begins his transition from classicism to modernism.

(1950 – B&W – 98 mins)


. MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI, THE LOOK THAT CHANGED CINEMA directed by Sandro Lai (2001 – Colors and B&W – 56 mins)
An exclusive documentary looking back at the career of the director where, through interviews from the period, many images from filming, sets and scenes cut from films like L'Avventura are mixed together.

Released July 12, 2017
as part of the "Italian cinema collection part 1"