Below the Volcano by John Huston - DVD
Below the Volcano by John Huston - DVD

Below the Volcano by John Huston - DVD

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A masterful adaptation of Malcolm Lowry's cult work

On the eve of November 1, 1938, the night has fallen on Cuernavaca and the animation is already lively in the streets where we prepare the Day of the Dead. Geoffrey Firmin, ex-British consul, wanders among the crowd, dead drunk, to forget the departure of his wife Yvonne. Drenched in alcohol and eaten away by the past, he became a notorious tragic figure. But, in the early morning, Yvonne reappears without warning...

Transposition of the cult novel and long considered unsuitable by Malcolm Lowry, below the volcano is an irreversible and sticky plunge into the despair of a man destroyed by alcohol. Masterfully embodied by Albert Finney ( Voyage à deux ) and set in magnificent natural settings, this poignant work also describes the swan song of the mythical hero. Raw and bewitching, below the volcano is one of John Huston's latest masterpieces, available for the first time on Blu-ray™.

(1984 – Colors – 108 mins)


. Preface by Patrick Brion (7 mins)

. Conversation with John Huston (18 mins)

A period audio interview - put into images - between the director John Huston and Michel Ciment, critic, presenter in the magazine Positif and producer at France Culture.

. Below the volcano: lucid intoxication (21 mins)

Serge Chauvin, Lecturer at the University of Paris X, evokes Huston's personal appropriation of Malcolm Lowry's novel by giving the hero a tragic dimension which places him among the most fatally lucid "Hustonian" characters.

. Trailer

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DVD 9 – NEW RESTORED MASTER • Original Version / French Version • French Subtitles • 1.78 format respected – 16/9 compatible 4/3 – Colors • Length of Film: 108 mins

Released October 8, 2008