Primer Ingmar Bergman from A to Ö - Book
Primer Ingmar Bergman from A to Ö - Book

Primer Ingmar Bergman from A to Ö - Book

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Everything you always wanted to know about Bergman but were afraid to ask!

Primer Ingmar Bergman from A to Ö
under the editorial direction of Martin Thomasson
translated by Laure Gontier

Newcomers to the world of Ingmar Bergman likely enter this territory with preconceived ideas about its geography, politics, and way of life.

He was Swedish. (Yes, that's right.) He made black-and-white existential films. (Correct, but not only.) One of his characters was a medieval knight playing chess with Death. (Yes, a source of countless parodies, and a reference to medieval iconography.) He wore a beret and lived on an island far from it all. (Yes, but not at the same time; he got rid of the beret before moving to the island of Fårö.)

Images like these, although accurate, are less due to Bergman's work and life in themselves than to the multiple homages, pastiches and other allusions (Woody Allen, Monty Python, The Simpsons …).

Without wanting to deny them, despite their partial nature, this guide aims to put Bergman's artistic work in context, and to broaden the picture a little.

Whether you're new to Bergman's world, a regular traveler with his favorite spots ("smultronställen" in Swedish), or even a native speaker, this book is your map for exploring the new, uncharted territories of this stunning landscape. .

Whatever his medium – film, theater, or writing – Bergman was, above all, an artist who needed to communicate with his audience.

On this starting postulate, Ingmar Bergman from A to Ö offers 145 easily accessible entry keys into his universe. These entry keys tell little-known anecdotes and facts with the intention of catapulting the reader into the life and work of one of the greatest masters. They can be read in any order. In fact, for a better reading experience, we recommend that you browse the book according to your desires, or even at random. Much like you would explore a foreign country.

Welcome to the world of Ingmar Bergman!

Released October 7, 2020