Yasujiro Ozu's Last Whim
Yasujiro Ozu's Last Whim
Yasujiro Ozu's Last Whim
Yasujiro Ozu's Last Whim

Yasujiro Ozu's Last Whim

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An enchantment!
One of the favorite films of Ozu fans

Manbei Kohayagawa is the owner of a small sake brewery on the verge of bankruptcy. The old man is surrounded by his three daughters: the eldest, Akiko, widow and mother of a little boy, whom he wishes to remarry; the youngest, Fumiko, whose husband, manager of the brewery, devotes himself body and soul to the survival of the company; and the youngest, Noriko, who refuses all the suitors chosen by her family. Lately, Manbei finds comfort with Tsune Sasaki, his former mistress to whom he goes on the sly. Soon, the patriarch's health begins to decline...

After Floating Herbs , Last Caprice is the second work Yasujiro Ozu directs away from his favorite studio, Shochiku. Benefiting from a considerable budget, the penultimate film by the director of Le Goût du saké was one of his first to reach the West thanks to its selection at the Berlin Film Festival in 1962. In the style of comedy, with accents of tragedy, Ozu continues his exploration of the Japanese family, with a film which remains one of the favorites of his admirers. Truly enchanting, Dernier Caprice is to be discovered for the first time in its restored High Definition version.


Filmmaker and teacher, Pascal-Alex Vincent is also a specialist in Japanese cinema and co-author of the Dictionary of Japanese Actors and Actresses .

. TRAILER 2020

* in HD on the Blu-ray version


BD 50 • HIGH DEFINITION MASTER • 1080/23.98p • AVC ENCODING • Original DTS-HD Master Audio Version 1.0 • French Subtitles • 1.33 format respected • Colors • Length of Film: 103 mins

DVD 9 • NEW RESTORED MASTER • Original Dolby Digital 1.0 Version • French Subtitles • 1.33 format respected 4/3 • Colors • Length of Film: 99 mins

Released November 18, 2020

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