Bianca by Nanni Moretti
Bianca by Nanni Moretti
Bianca by Nanni Moretti
Bianca by Nanni Moretti

Bianca by Nanni Moretti

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A great film with corrosive humor where the ghosts of Jerry Lewis, Luis Bu ñ uel and Alfred Hitchcock cross paths

Michele Apicella, professor of mathematics, has a curious mania: observing people's lives and transcribing all their actions and gestures in his notebooks. Endowed with an ultra-demanding ethic, believing in absolute fidelity, Michele seeks the ideal woman. But when he thinks he has found it in the person of Bianca, he begins to panic. Meanwhile, some people around him die in mysterious conditions...

A sort of alter ego of the director whom he played himself in his first four feature films, Bianca 's Michele Apicella is the most neurotic of his doppelgängers . Stuffed with obsessions and phobias, he takes the film to the field of burlesque comedy with its quirky and wacky universe, to then ogle towards the detective story. A fierce tragicomedy on the idealization of the couple and the family by the great Nanni Moretti!

1984 – Colors – 98 mins
New Master Restored
Original version + French version

Available in single Blu-ray or DVD editions


. ABOUT "BIANCA" (12 mins)
“Basically, the truth of Nanni Moretti's cinema is this difficulty in leaving childhood, or rather this desire to return to it. » An interview with Thierry Jousse, film critic and historian.


* in HD on the Blu-ray Disc™ version

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BD 50 • HIGH DEFINITION MASTER • 1080/23.98p • AVC ENCODING • Original Version / French Version DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 • French Subtitles • 1.85 format respected • Colors • Length of Film: 98 mins

DVD 9 • NEW RESTORED MASTER • Original Dolby Digital 1.0 Version • French Dolby Digital 1.0 Version • French Subtitles • 1.85 format respected 16/9 compatible 4/3 – Colors • Length of Film: 94 mins

Released April 7, 2021

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