La Mise à mort de la licorne - Livre - Carlotta Films - La Boutique
La Mise à mort de la licorne - Livre - Carlotta Films - La Boutique
La Mise à mort de la licorne - Livre - Carlotta Films - La Boutique

The Killing of the Unicorn - Book

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By Peter Bogdanovich

An exciting novel-essay, unpublished in France, on the Hollywood of the 70s-80s, in which Peter Bogdanovich looks back on his tragic story with Dorothy Stratten

Incredibly beautiful and sweet, Dorothy Stratten met her future husband, Paul Snider, when she was just eighteen and working in a fast food restaurant. Shortly after, Snider pushed her to pose for Playboy magazine and fly to Hollywood and the famous mansion of Hugh Hefner – thus becoming his sesame for a life of lust, women and glamor. Voted Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1980, Dorothy was beginning to find success as an actress when she met filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich, with whom she began a passionate romance. No sooner had they spent nine months together than Dorothy was tortured and murdered by Paul Snider, who then committed suicide.

What really happened between Peter Bogdanovich and Dorothy Stratten? Between Dorothy and Paul Snider? Between her and Hugh Hefner? And between Dorothy and all those faceless men whose ultimate fantasy she represented?

Peter Bogdanovich has spent over three years researching and writing this book to answer these questions. By revealing his conclusions, he traces here the origin of America's fascination for the image of the girl-next-door who has become a goddess of the screen or a sex symbol.

Like Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Stratten was one of those icons. Through his story, Bogdanovich exposes the emptiness and, ultimately, the violence that underlies this male fantasy, a fantasy propagated and re-enacted, again and again, by both Hollywood and Playboy .

15cm x 21cm
264 pages