#12 Henry, portrait of a serial killer

original storyboard
by Frank Coronado & John McNauton

"The original screenplay, written by Richard Fire and myself, contains 122 scenes. Shown here are 122 drawings by Frank Coronado, intended to shed light on the creative process that culminated in the film Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer.

When I look at Frank's drawings today, I'm surprised at how much they look like the finished film. In many cases, it would appear that the drawings were made after the film was completed and not the other way around, which only proves the influence of the drawings on the creation of the scenes they foresee.

Often, storyboards are generic, without much personality, and more like blueprints or building instructions. Frank's cartoons, on the other hand, are full of personality, eccentricity, humor and character nuances, probably because he is first and foremost a cartoonist.

One of the great benefits of keyframe drawings is that they provide a preview that everyone working on the creation of the film can share, establishing a unity of vision as opposed to many individual, disparate visions that don't fit together. not always agree and sometimes conflict. These drawings contain many details of costumes, locations, sets, props, etc. that were incorporated into the final film."

John McNaughton, July 2, 2021