The Mass is over by Nanni Moretti
The Mass is over by Nanni Moretti
The Mass is over by Nanni Moretti
The Mass is over by Nanni Moretti

The Mass is over by Nanni Moretti

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Nanni Moretti plagued by his inner demons... A poetic and neurotic comedy carried by grace

Don Giulio, a young priest, leaves the small island where he had officiated for ten years. He has just been appointed to a parish on the outskirts of Rome, near where he grew up. Thinking of finding comfort with his family and his childhood friends, Don Giulio is quickly disillusioned. Amorous infidelity, acute crisis of mysticism, temptation of political terrorism, he no longer understands the people around him...

A year after Bianca , Nanni Moretti continues with La Messe est fini his reflection on the quest for happiness and the difficult confrontation between principles and reality. With the irony and bittersweet tone that characterize his work, the filmmaker portrays a young priest facing a deep existential crisis. Winner of the Silver Bear at the 1986 Berlin Film Festival, La Messe est finie is a deeply moving film of humanity.

1985 – Colors – 96 mins
New Master Restored
Original version + French version

Available in single Blu-ray or DVD editions


. ON "THE MASS IS OVER" (12 mn)
“With La Messe est fini , Nanni Moretti takes stock of the 1970s and utopias, in a rather intimate and tragicomic way. » An interview with Thierry Jousse, film critic and historian.

Directed by: André Labarthe – © 1994 Ina / Arte France
Filmed in Sicily on the filming locations of Palombella Rossa then in Rome in his editing room, on a tennis court and in the privacy of his apartment, Nanni Moretti opens up and talks about his conception of cinema.

* in HD on the Blu-ray Disc™ version

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BD 50 • HIGH DEFINITION MASTER • 1080/23.98p • AVC ENCODING • Original Version / French Version DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 • French Subtitles • 1.85 format respected • Colors • Length of Film: 96 mins

DVD 9 • NEW RESTORED MASTER • Original Dolby Digital 1.0 Version • French Dolby Digital 1.0 Version • French Subtitles • 1.85 format respected 16/9 compatible 4/3 – Colors • Length of Film: 92 mins

Released April 7, 2021

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